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0.75mm2 flex run straight from 6a breaker.

Recently British Gas replaced an outside light. When they returned we were informed that 0.75mm2 Flex run straight from 6A Breaker, should be fused down to 3A BS1361 fuse to protect cable.

We are trying to ascertain if this is correct, as the 1st engineer did not mention this as an issue.

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I agree with Dynamo. The only question I have is, how far is the lamp from the fuse. I'm sure it is ok as i don't think BG would send an idiot out to do the job.


Answered 13th Dec 2011

The current carrying capacity of a 0.75mm2 Flex is 6A. However if it is run in thermal insulation, conduit or trunking, or grouped with other cables, then the carrying capacity would be less than 6A.


Answered 8th Dec 2011

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