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Creating internal door/access to garage (block wall)

Considering creating an internal door from our hallway to our internal garage.
The wall is block work.
How long does this work take to complete from start to turnkey finish?

We have wet underfloor heating system in the hallway, is there any risk of this being disrupted when taking down the block work for the new door opening??
How much dust will be created from making the opening?

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Day 1 - install new lintel(s)
Day 2 - cut out opening with Stihl saw and remove rubble; make good and damaged blocks
Day 3 - fit new door lining; make good plastering to lining for flush finish
Day 4/5 - dependant of speed of skim coat drying (must be fully dry), fit backmoulds, door, stop, intumescent strip, closer, handle and lock. Caulk.
Day 5/6 - begin decorating

Dust - on cutting of the opening with the Stihl saw, and removal of the rubble, lots. Other than that, not too much if you have reasonable care.

Wet underfloor - should be 100mm away from the block work under the screed, so you should be fine. Suggest care when reaching the floor level, just in case, and to remove the final block with a hammer and bolster.


Answered 22nd Aug 2017

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