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Velux solar skylights

My builder has installed 3 skylights and they are solar powered. He's a bit technophobic so I said install them I'll sort the rest.
Programmed them to the controller all ok.
However, when pressing to operate the handset says still in manual mode.

Velux sent me instructions to ensure headlock "pegs" are set to their closest position and close it up. The release handle is still open. You can't close it unless you manually push the two pegs down.

Something really obvious but the internet not giving any results. Help as they are closed but not latched

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Roofer

without being there and looking at the velux its hard to attain if everything is in place
so whenever I encounter an issue with a velux instal of any kind I ring velux technical services on 01592778225
they are very hopeful and this never fails
I would keep trying to programme them on the remote
if you would like to contact me I would gladly help


Answered 30th Aug 2017

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