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Hi, I recently get some quotation from 6 UPVC case windows and a composite door
My window sizes are roughly as following :
W: 1160mm H 1000mm, 1 vents , 1 opening
W :1160mm H: 1300mm 1 vents , 2 opening
W: 1160mm H: 1000mm 1 vents , 1 opening
W: 1170mm H: 1180mm 1 vents, 1 opening
W: 1170mm H: 1180mm 1 vents, 2 opening
W: 60mm H: 118mm 1 vents, 1 opening
Door : 80mm , H: 2050mm

I trimmed down the quotations and there are three choices left
1, Veka, the price is roughly around GBP 3900, Marix 70mm , a family run business not very local, not far though 20 miles away
2, Duraflex , diamond suite range, similar as Veka, a relatively big and reputable company with big turnover
3, Synseal window , - the sales guy did not tell me which profile, plus door to stop composite door - GBP 3500 , a local company with 1 million turnover

Are those prices reasonable for the brand ? I am not sure which company to choose, although No 3 is cheapest, but I also will consider quality too . I know even in the same profile, there are different things, eg, lock , beads, hinge choice etc etc
for beads there are 24mm and 28mm glass unit with, not sure what 's the difference between those two, is there any price difference ?

About the guarantee , they all say they provide 10 year guarantee, I checked and it says you better get insurance backed up guarantee, so I am just wondering after the window installed do I get a kind of guarantee certificate from the company or from the insurance company.

Also about the company with current economic situation big company seems more reliable, as I am worried that small company may go bust, so not sure

Would really appreciate if someone could please give me some advice.


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Don,t EVER buy upvc windows or doors.
Get top of the range hardwood joinery ,or if you are like me and hard up, sofwood windows from a reputable company ,well soaked in preserative ,primed and painted all round and fitted properly.(Especially behind the glass.)

If looked after properly they will last for a lifetime,add value to your property and look great. Wood is a natural product ,it can be scourced locally or transported in bulk,
and does not rely on the oil industry or have to be thrown in a landfill after a few years, when you will have to buy a whole new set of windows and doors!

Some period propertiess have exterior timber joinery hundreds of years old.And still working.


Answered 11th Dec 2011

Bigger companies can go under or cut their losses just as easily as a one man firm you need to talk to the fitters about the quality. Does this price include fitting? Otherwise you could save money from just buying the windows and find quotes for labour only from carpenters or smaller window firms


Answered 11th Dec 2011


Not really sure about the windows as I am a bricklayer but I just wanted to say dont be fooled by the big company being more secure than the smaller one. They are equally at risk of going bankrupt, so I wouldnt use that in your decision. And with regards to the guarantee, it should be on paper and be insurance backed in case a business does go bust! Also, make sure the company is fensa registered.


Answered 11th Dec 2011

Well said James Walter. uPVC windows are the work of the devil along with magnolia emulsion, beige tiles and pipe boxing.


Answered 12th Dec 2011

Timber all the way...Upvc is cheap tat, that's marketed very effectively. On average gets replaced every 10-15 years or so. At some point in the future people will wise up to one of the biggest cons. Looks grubby after a few years, and you can't do anything with it.

Timber a lot stronger, and adds value to a house.

Small local joinery firm will be your best bet.

Big companies fail as often, look at Moben, huge profit margin.


Answered 12th Dec 2011

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