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Is a single storey side extension extending into the garden a permitted development?

I am considering building a single storey side extension in the side return of my semi-detached house - 2m x 7m. I would like to add a study room to this projecting in to the garden. It wouldn't go more than 3m past the line of the rear wall of the property but it is on the boundary of the neighbour's property. I don't plan to wrap it around just to carry the extension on straight out. Would this require any planning permission?

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Hi Mike, thanks for posting this question. Assuming your property enjoys Permitted Development Rights, i.e. it is a sole occupant house not a flat, it is not in a Conservation area, nor Grade 1 or 2 Listed, and not in an area which is subject an Article 4 Direction, then Permitted Development Rights would allow for a side extension that is a maximum of 3m wide but not greater than half the width of the existing house, and that does not project beyond the principle front or rear elevations of the main house. Your description suggests a side extension that would project beyond the principle rear elevation of the building and for this reason this would not be permissible under Permitted Development. I hope this has been of some help,

Best Wishes Lee Davidson RIBA


Answered 15th Aug 2017

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