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Insulating over loft boards

The attic in my home is already boarded (some kind of tongue and groove chipboard that is securely fixed, I've tried to lift it but can't). There is approx 75-100mm insulation under the boards. My house is really cold in the winter so I've decided to upgrade insulation radiators etc but starting with the attic. As I'm really struggling to get the boards up on my own, is it possible to lay 200mm insulation over the boards?? Do the boards themselves have any insulating properties? Any replies would be appreciated. I'm not sure if this relevant but there doesn't seem to be any condensation in the attic on cold days, but the bedroom windows get quite bad on the floor underneath the attic. Thank you

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Hi Jean,

Yes you can most certainly overlay and additional layer of insulation over the chipboard. I would leave the insulation short at the eaves though to ensure there is adequate ventilation in the loft space. This would most certainly improve you homes thermal performance during winter months.

Hope this Helps
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Answered 14th Aug 2017

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