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Condensation problems in old victorian house

I have lived in an old Victorian house at Norwich for the last 3 years. Having never owned a period property it was quite a shock to find how expensive they are to run in the winter and water running down the windows on the top level.

Have this summer replaced most of the windows and insulated the loft and floors to help improve insulation.

The problem I am having is that the new windows which are new double glazed sash units still have a lot of water in the bedroom in particular and also the main bathroom.

I have installed a new fan in the bathroom and have it running for 10 minutes but the walls and windows are running with water. The house on the top level is still fairly cold with draft but better than previous winters.

One of my trades said we need to introduce some sort of household ventilation system as there is too much water. Can any one offer some advise as unsure how to fix this or even who to approach?

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You can buy an easy to install whole house ventilation system called the Lofty Remcon for around £400.

Try here:



Answered 6th Dec 2011

If your new windows dont have trickle vents then you will probably still struggle with condensation. These are small (normally plastic) vents in the top of each window, These can be fitted to most windows and help to impove the air circulation around the property.


Answered 7th Dec 2011

Agree with all above posts, but as a cheap option just replace your existing fan with a humidistat extractor fan from as little as £35:00 plus any sparks from My Builder to replace. This fan stays on when it detects relative humidity over a certain comfortable range. (the body sweats on average 1.5 litres of water a day.. yeuch!)
Also check;
Cooker hood filter is clean, and the external vents are not blocked.
The tumble dryer filter is clean,(condenser working) and the external vents are not blocked.
If drying washing in the house open windows even in the winter, air changes are important.


Answered 12th Jan 2012

Or try/start with a dehumidifier, plenty on ebay to compare.
Best o luck Paul


Answered 7th Dec 2011

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