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Can you help explain this text from a roofer (flat roof issue)?

I've had a roofer do some work on a flat roof. However, I suspect him of wanting to up his bill. We still have a small drip underneath the gutters, and he's refusing to come and fix it as part of the last job we paid him for.
He has explained what he believes to be the issue via text, which reads (Sorry if there's bad punctuation, I'm quoting):
"The timber roof covering is uneven under the rubber covering the water isn't running off as it should. I suspect it's backing up under tiles and doesn't lap under tiles long enough."
I know a bit about roofing, but am no pro, and I've never had this issue before. How can the water be getting under tiles when there is waterproof felting (newly installed)? Is this something a quick patch (maybe liquid rubber) could help control?
It is only a small drip, and I'm reluctant to keep getting the same guy back to fix it.

Thank you!

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I do think you are correct in saying the water is running back under the tiles. If he has not gone far enough back it will leak. That's my opinion . Or there is not enough slope on roof


Answered 9th Aug 2017

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