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Will a builder converting my loft need to remove all tiles to lay felt?


We're going to have a dormer loft extension to our 1930's terrace house but the tiles are attached directly to the battens (no felt or insulation).

1) Will a builder need to remove all tiles to lay felt before relaying tiles?
2) Is this done on all loft conversions?
3) Is it very expensive on top of normal conversion costs?
4) Any other advice?

The house is about 5.5m (W) x 7.5m (L).
Many thanks!

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In order to lay breathable membrane felt, yes you will need to remove all your existing tiles and battens and lay the felt over the existing rafters and provide new tile battens and either re-lay your existing tiles or new tiles, this will also need to be inspected by the building control inspector to ensure its done correctly.


Answered 7th Aug 2017

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