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How to get part p certificate?

Our electrician re-wired the whole flat, gave us an Electrical Installation Certificate and a Schedule of Circuit Details for the Installation, but the Council Inspector tells us that he hasn't registered the part P certificate. We have tried for a month to contact our electrician but he has disappeared.

What can we do now to get the part P certificate? And how is it different from the Electrical Installation Certificate?

Many thanks for your help!

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I agree with teh other reply it does not sound like the installer you used was registered. Part P is quite specific about the process that should be followed.

You can check the registrtation of your contractor using the following website:

Also gogle part P of the building regulations and look at page 11.


Answered 7th Dec 2011

A certified Electrical may be willing to take over responsiblilty for the job and Test and Inspect the job for you and reissue an Electrical Installation Report and registere the job with your local building control


Answered 12th Dec 2011

If your electrician part P registered than Electrical Installation certificate with tests results is enough, nowhere in wiring regulations is "part P certificate" stated, even builder inspector insist have that one. But this is notifable job and building control must be notified. Again , if your electrician is part P approved , him have to do it, if not approved or registered than this should be done before work starts.
Thank you.
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Answered 6th Dec 2011

Doesn't sound to to me as though he was part P registered. An electrical installation certificate should be issued for all works including commercial/industrial. Part P is only relevant to domestic installations and it enables an electrician, who is registered with one of the five bodies such as Elecsa or NICEIC etc to self certify domestic installations. If notifiable domestic work is carried out by non registered electricians, building control arrange for the work to be inspected and tested at intervals during the work. This is obviously more expensive.
Pass his details to the local authority as it is illegal tocarryout work of this type without it being reported.


Answered 6th Dec 2011

you need to go to the trade body he is a memeber of and make a complaint. With the Part p certificate you are covered by the governement insurance for and problems with his work


Answered 5th Dec 2011

Part P certs can be obtained from a Part P certified electrician. He will test and inspect the circuits and issue you with a new cert.

Theres not much differs from the cert hes supplied (if genuine) except he hasnt joined a body and proved his competance.


Answered 6th Dec 2011

You need to hire an electrician who is competent and approved. You can check that online in competent person page. And he needs to come do the testing again and issue your certification. This is the only way to get your part P certificate.


Answered 3rd Sep 2019

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