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QuestionWill damaged and leaking roof be covered by house insurance?

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This depends on how you word your claim combined with the report or quote made by the roofing company. If there has been a storm and high winds have blown off some tiles, or a tree has fallen on the roof, something like this, then it is normally covered. If it is leaking because it is old and needs replacing then it would not normally be covered. Many roofs are over 100 yrs old, have no roofing felt and are leaking in many places including around the chimney flashing (if it has any). First thing is to get the roof inspected. It is quite urgent because the roof timbers will rot if constantly wet.


Paul Albright

Aspire Housing 5th Dec, 2011

if its just wear and tear causing the roof to leak then no, it normally only covered if something accidental happens to the roof i.e something falls on it and damages it, (like neighbours chimney pot ect), but there no harm in ringing them and asking

Darlington Propery maintenance 5th Dec, 2011

Roof are only covered if you can prove that storm damaged has caused it.
It may pay you to contact your insurance company, soon after a storm & high winds. You never no your luck.

Kind regards


TRM Roofing/Builder 13th Dec, 2011

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