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Upvc door handle just spinning

Hi all , went to open back upvc door and handle i just sppinning . Cannot unlock or open door . Do i need a lock smith or is there anything i can do myself to open door ?

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Hi Andy. To me its sounds like just the handle needs replacing. On UPVC door handles there is a connecting bar from one handle, through the door to the other handle. So it sounds like the hole in the handle that the bar connects in to has possibly worn down and now the handle is spinning as there is no grip on the connecting bar. A Locksmith could replace the handle for you if you are not confident of doing this yourself. But if you look at the handle there should just be a couple of connecting screws (top and bottom) to undo and the handle will come away from the door. Obviously as you cannot open the door you might need someone on the otherside of the door to hold the outside handle otherwise when you take one side off the other will fall on the floor - although probably not a big issue if youre replacing it anyway! Hope all that helps and good luck! Steve (Frosty Locks, 24 Hour Locksmith).


Answered 6th Jan 2012

Sounds like the bars house moved, if it's not the bar, it could be the mechanism.


Answered 8th Jan 2014

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