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Re-wiring a 4 bedroom property.

I have contacted a number of electricians through the yellow pages who all seem put off that my home is "lived in" rather than empty for the re-wire which I need. I understand it's messy and inconvenient for both parties but shouldn't it be possible for a electrician to work around a occuppied home?

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I have done many lived in rewires. There not as messy as you may think. The switch wires for the new lighting circuit can be pulled down the existing channels by tying onto the old switch wires in the wall. This means minimal plastering and redecorating will be needed. I rewired a 3 bed house with a garage in 5 days this was with working around furniture and taking carpets up and putting them back down. References are avalible on request. I hope this helps Adam Safetech Electrcal services.


Answered 20th Mar 2011

Some electricians dont like doing occupied rewires,its more hassle moving furniture,lifting carpets etc,having to get power back on at night,it will usualy cost more due to the reasons above but you should find someone willing to do it.We do occupied rewires .



Answered 15th Mar 2011

Yes it is possible to do electrics in a lived in house.
Although not ideal for both parties, its still done.
Why dont you post your job requirements on this site, My Builder.


Answered 15th Mar 2011

100% yes its possible , just more hassle for electrician and more stress , for example if they start to rewire a circuit it must be finished that day to have power back on for the customer


Answered 15th Mar 2011

Yes it is possible because we have just gone through this ourselves. We found that some electricians priced according to time it takes them on the job and with you living in the property it means everything takes longer and delays them getting to their next job or have to raise the price to cover the extra days which often means pricing themselves out of the job.

I am assuming you are putting a request on here.... keep going as you will find one that either has the man power or time to be able to give you a reasonable price. You can also do things to help like packing belongings away into the garage and making easy access for under floorboards etc. best discuss this with the electrician as to what will best help keep their time on your property to a minimum. Also check with the electrician if they are going to re-plaster or leaving you to arrange this yourself (as is often the case)


Answered 15th Mar 2011

Rewiring any home even when empty is extremely hard work, having to keep moving the same furniture time and time again and moving carpets would put a day or more onto the job. Anything we do to complete the rewire would be slowed down because we would not want to get debris on your belongings so we would have to ensure everything is covered, for this reason alone you would opt for an empty dwelling all day long. With this in mind the customer would still want a competitive Quote even though you have a lot more work to do,and then to work round people who choose to stay on site can be at the best of times make your work harder, you will get the work done twice as fast if you are allowed to get on with your job. Finally in a lot of cases there is a huge amount of dust that can be made due to chasing in & Drilling for people living and sleeping under those conditions it posses serious health risks & health & safety issues. I hope this as gone some way in answering your question.

Switch 1971


Answered 20th Mar 2011

Hi there

Ofcourse rewires can be done in occupied properties, it all depends on the tools you use. For example i use a hilti DCSE-20 waller chaser with a hoover attached so there is little to no dust when chasing out except when kangoing out the chase.

Circuits should be cut off only in the order there are wired,

upstairs sockets (ONLY) first 1st and 2nd fixed then up lights etc etc

this way there is as little disruption while wiring as possible. the only thing to take into account is that being an occupied property some sparks won't bother because you'll spend as much time cleaning up and preping areas as you would wiring so that would be reflected in the price: Time = Money

hope this all helps

good luck



Answered 15th Mar 2011

I have 30 years experience in plumbing heating and domsestic rewiring.

I have rewired more than 200 properties that have been owner occupied or had tennants in whilst the work was being undertaken !


Answered 17th Mar 2011

There is no reason why an electrician will not re wire an occupied home. The companies involved must have too much work on maybe, because I would hate to say lazy!
Me and my re wire gang have re wired over 2000 local authority homes, all lived in. In fact all the private homes we have re wired have been occupied, there was only one empty last year. As for mess, that really depends on the house. We recently re wired a 5 bed 3 floor house in south manchester with hardly any mess.


Answered 18th Mar 2011

Thank you for your question on re-wiring a 4 bedroom property.

We would be happy to carry out re-wiring whilst you are living in the property and we do this on a regular basis for many of our clients. Obviously some mess will be created but we do 'dust sheet' over furniture and advise that ornaments etc which are easily breakable are packed away.

Although the electricity would be turned off whilst we carried out the work we would 'power up' the supply every evening so that you would have electricity for that night.

I hope this answers your question, we would be happy to provide you with a quotation if required (we cover the area of Norfolk).

Kind regard

For and on behalf of Orange Fox Electrical Ltd


Answered 15th Mar 2011

yes it is possible to have your house re wired while you live in it. hyes it is messy and will take longer to do as we need to work around you, clearing rooms as we work, at times you will loose power but you will have advance warning of this. we understand that people cant always move out of their house so we work with and around them at all times. we clear up as we go
hope this helps you


Answered 15th Mar 2011

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