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Re felt and baton

when pricing a re felt and baton to a roof with dormer windows would you

a.. include the removal of the dormer cheeks render and re installation of it?
b.. offer this service as another job?
c.. if you included it in the job when the render was removed and the timbers, the mesh/felt behind it were rotten, does this then become an extra?
d.. if you prices to do works to the gable but the client assumes the dormer cheeks are gables and its clearly stated in the estimate would you argue the case?

many thanks

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i would replace the cheeks, i always say to the customer if i find any rotten timbers or lack of insulation then thats extra. The quote is a contract between you and the customer. Tell the customer that a gable isnt a cheek. I always take photos and show them.


Answered 6th Aug 2017

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