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How long should tarmac really last


I bought a new build house and moved in Dec 2015, within the last year the Tarmac has started to crumble and come up (slightly melted and pulled up also).
The drive has to be turned on by my car as that's the way it's laid out. I have a shared driveway with 2 other houses and theirs is coming up as well.
House builder won't do anything as blaming hot weather and power steering, contractor looked at it and also said nothing wrong with it (I wasn't at home when they looked).
Should this happen 18 months after it's laid? at the rate it's coming up I will need to replace it in a few years.


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It is not installed correctly. Motorways have 50 tonne trucks running over them its the same stuff and lasts 10 plus years.


Answered 31st Jul 2017

would be interested to know what sort temperature they laid it in, how thick is the binding course, how thick is the wearing course, how long they left it before letting people on it.
there is ways you can restore it, but it depends how bad it is


Answered 10th Aug 2017

Not right I would get together with your neighbours then send the main builder a letter saying they have 14 days to put the driveways right or you will be forced to look at legal action.

I bet that gets something done.


Answered 15th Aug 2017

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