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Flat roof work , repair or renew

I have a leaking felted flat roof. I'm sure the boards must be water damaged as there is long term water ingress below the roof. One builder said to board over the existing felt with 9mm ply then epdm over the top! Can this be right? What is the correct procedure and sequence for full reroof in felt? Should all felt be torched? I'm also concerned about water damage, rot, etc to joists and studding below. Thanks.

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No that is not right remove all old felt renew any boards and joists that are rotten and water damaged . There are many different felts you can use some need torching and some are just glued on with a resin adhesive


Answered 31st Jul 2017

No this is not right it will only lead to problems in the future,without removing the felt it is impossible to see if their is any damage, personally would be telling this chap to go bodge someone else's roof, their are a few different felts on the market but are not the best long term covering for your roof, it really depends on what you want to achieve.
Good luck alex


Answered 31st Jul 2017

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