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I keep exchanging new irons but they dont work.....the first faulty iron tripped out the electrics for the sockets

any idea why they all new irons are breaking

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Cheap chinese made irons from Tesco perhaps? or even a faulty RCD in your fusebox? do you push the test button to check its operation regularly?


Answered 6th Dec 2011

Look at your consumer box. Do you have RCD protection ? You will know this if you have a small button labeled T or Test above the main switch.

1) Press the T button
1a) if the RCD trips (drops down), then push it back up and do 2. below
1b) if the RCD did not trip then you have a faulty RCD

2.Plug in your iron and turn power socket on.
3.If the RCD stays on then your iron is fine. If the RCD trips then it is the iron at fault.
4.If the RCD stayed on, then test other appliances in a similar way ... it may be that you have another appliance that is faulty. repeat from point 2 for other appliances


Answered 26th Feb 2012

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