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Will i need a rewire

my fuse box was installed in 1958 will i need a rewire

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AD Electrical UK ltd is incorrect, if a rewire is required you need to use Part P registered electricians.
It sounds like you need some one to have a look, a P.I.R.would be a good idea, and that says there are no faults then there is no need for a rewire


Answered 28th Dec 2011

It would be prudent to have a full Periodic inspection Report carried out on the property. This is a bit like an MOT for your house wiring and will identify if there are any issues and what needs to be done.


Answered 7th Dec 2011

Emma , how can you be so definate on the date of the consumer unit , generally speaking the consumer unit would need replacing to provide rcd protection to the installation as a main safety function . If the wiring is of a similar date then it would be a good idea to get it replaced as properties of this age would have no cpc ( earthing arrangement ) on the lighting circuit for starters and the bonding of the gas and/or water would be undersized as a rule unless additional works have been undertaken on the installation in later years . A full EICR ( electrical installation condition report ) would be your 1st step to identify exactly the condition of the installation .You could then determine what would need to be done after the results of this report had been established . If you are in the northamptonshire area then contact me and we can arrange an inspection . Wayne soppitt


Answered 10th Jan 2012

Hi Emma

Most cable manufacturers state a life of 25 year but in reality coul be good for 40 or more. If your Fuse board and wiring were installed in 1958 I would recommend that you get the house rewired and brought upto current standards. Only use a Part P registered electrical contractor as work of this type has to be notified to the local authority building control. If you are in the south east london area I would be happy to come and have a look with no obligation.

Kind Regards

Nick Martin, Icm Electrical


Answered 5th Dec 2011

Hello Emma,

Your fuseboard will certainly need upgrading if it is that old to comply with the current electrical regulations.
In doing this you will also have to take into account other factors that will need to be addressed, do the lighting circuits incorporate a cpc, an earth wire, do all the services i.e water and gas services, have an electrical bond present...
It all depends on you the homeowner as to how much you are willing to spend on upgrading the fuseboard but any good electrician should advise you on what needs doing and what you can and can't have in terms of complying with BS7671 electrical regulations
I hope this helps

Tim Howell


Answered 5th Dec 2011



Answered 13th Dec 2011

You do not need to rewire your house if a Periodic Inspection Report issued after testing and inspection by a qualified Electrician proofs that the cable are in good condition and there hasn't been any significant upgrade since the installation was last installed. The idea that you need to install a new fuse board to meet current standared is not correct. You do not need to meet current standard unless it a brand new full rewire and in some cases where you need to installed circuit outside a house or shower circuit which we will always advised shoud be on RCD.


Answered 12th Dec 2011

Hi Emma,my advise is if you intend to live there for many years to come is get a rewire job done. The modern home uses more power than when the house was wired way back then. It will increase the value of your property too.


Answered 13th Dec 2011

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