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Mold after getting damp course done

Hi, I had damp course injected due to rising damp. The walls have been re-plastered and I have new skirting boards. Four weeks later there is damp at the top of the skirting board. This is on an interior wall next to a radiator (the radiator had to be removed while the work was being done). I have not painted the walls yet. I've lived in this house for a year and there has never been mold there before. Why would this happen?

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hi theres lots this can be caused by poor living conditions ie moisture content of the air around the radiator is causing producing steam related conditions this can be caused by clothes dried on radiators hanging clothes on the rad and tucked down the back of the rad instead of using an airer in the room 18 inches away from any heat source .

it could be that you have a unresolved issue damaged lead water main become age related and now leaks broken underground salt glazed storm pipework or customer failure to resolve drain pipes , down pipes take a good look around on a heavy rainy day
or due to the change in rain due to climatic changes you need to upgrade your gutters from 4 inch round to 6 inch to take more rain off of those roof surfaces
or live near a culvert that is bleeding through the soils and being drawn up through the brickwork damaging your home
or poor workmanship and theres loads of that around for sure seen loads in my time
best of luck

barry lord
level 4 carpenter and joiner


Answered 23rd Jul 2017

Hi Penny,
to satisfy my curiosity, after the dpc injection and prior to boarding/plastering was any type of cementitious tanking slurry applied internally? i find it good practice to provide internal protection where possible also as an injected dpc might alleviate some problems but unfortunately in some cases does not completely solve the issue.

Sam Brotherston


Answered 28th Jul 2017

It is highly possible that the damp wasn't just from rising damp. The DPC injections may have stopped anything coming up however, if it is an external wall and has a radiator on it then there maybe penetrating damp from outside, the radiator will heat the wall causing the water to draw in from outside when it is wet and cold, this is now manifesting above the damp course. Without any-more information this may be the cause of the new issue. You may never had needed rising damp treatment in the first place. By all means send us a message or some photos and we will see if we can help you any-more with your concern.


Answered 4th Aug 2017

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