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Flat roof - best material to use

Hi, I have a flat roof that is leaking and am looking to possibly replace. I am aware that some still use the old three layers of felt using hot bitumen and some use two layers or three layers of torch on felt. What is the best material to use and taking into account that possibly some of the ply needs to be repaced again the best material.

Some say the old can be repaired but with no waranty but are not stripping of the old felt, would this cause issues as if it is blown may not be wise.

Any help appreciated we live near Hainualt in Essex.


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Grp (Fibreglass) is the best flat roofing system around. It is solid and looks better than any other system. Quite a number of people prefer the traditional felt method but no matter how well installed it dont last as long as this stuff. It has a life expectancy of 50+ years (If installed correctly) and every professional contractor should give at least a 25+ years guarantee.


Answered 24th Jul 2017

in my opinion the best system out there is felt and comes with a 15year minimum guarantee. IKO felt is a great system and offers a self adhesive underlay with requires no flame, being a lot safer to use. after underlaying the roof it then becomes safer to use the torch on capseet. if installed correctly by a reliable roofer it could last upto 30 years with no problems.
hope this helped


Answered 23rd Jul 2017

Hi,what I've seen on fibreglass flat roofs absolute rubbish,looks great when finished,but two years later always seems to pond in areas,same with the rubber roofs being layed now,in my opinion with over 30 years experience as a roofer,you simply cannot beat hot bitumen,felt system,if its done correctly with quality materials it will easily last 20/30 years best regards mike


Answered 2nd Oct 2017

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