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Window sills repairs and window frames

I've just renovated the inside of my house on the outside now and my windows are in good conduction but the concrete frames look hideous.

The back of the house it just looks normal window sills

The front of the house has a concrete frame approx 75mm sticking out all the way around the window.

I'm trying to make it a bit more appealing can a bricky like make this flush to the stone work on is it part of the structure?

Also my sills have started to crack lots is as easy as buying cement and filling it or get a finishing tile and tile over it as one person said that what he did one his house?

Thanks for any advice.

First time home owner 🙈

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Jamie, assuming you are talking about the sills, reveals and pillars on the front of the property within this question. These do overtime deteriorate quite badly often due to low maintenance of the paint/coating designed to stop water getting to the stone and causing them to split, crack and blow.

What is most important in the repairing of detailing/stonework is using the right products and process's to re-build, repair and then protect.

Start by completely taking off ALL loose, flaking surface and digging out the cracks back to sound (this can look like you have made them a lot worse however is very important), then use epoxy resin to fill the cracks out just under the depth of flush. To help any rendering processes after, ensure you then uni-bond wash the whole surface helping the renders to bond to the stonework, this also washes off any dust as well. We then use GRC 2mm (fibre reinforced renders) BBA approved to then build up the repairs to level and for filling, finally than skimming a new surface to ensure a completely flush tidy finish, use a wet sponge to gently smooth off the final surface for a perfect finish.

This process would be necessary for stonework that is in a bad way. Once the renders have dried you must ensure you use professional quality external stonework paints/coatings with at least 3 coats helping the work to last for many years to come. The minute you see in the future any deterioration in the paint work. Give the surface a good sand to release any flaking cracked or perished paint and give it another good couple of coats, this will stop any worse deterioration meaning the work eventually goes back to it's previous state.


Answered 4th Aug 2017

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