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My nan (79 years old) had plumber round said boiler was over heating changed air pressure switch said had to change PCB as they go hand in hand used a recon PCB charged her £740 plus VAT boiler was 19 years old I am A damp proofer not a plumber but I think she has been ripped of does any gas safe engineer agree
he wasnt from this site.
Thanks everyone confirmed my fears boiler works ok but not even sure he changed PCB will be taking it further another idiot who gives all construction trades a bad name

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yes she has been ripped off im afraid ! a pcb and air pressure switch shouldnt cost more than £200 plus fitting ! and that isnt recon ! i only fit brand new parts with guarantee, is the boiler working now ?


Answered 14th Mar 2011

thats shocking ,pcb will cost between £80 - 250 ,air pressue switch about £40 ,she has been ripped off big time ,very sorry to hear this


Answered 14th Mar 2011

discusting she been well ripped off how can this person sleep at nite pcb £100 to £200 switch £45 labour £80 track im down name and shame im.


Answered 21st Mar 2011

sorry to say but your nan has been well mugged off , its people like that who give honest plumbers a bad name


Answered 14th Mar 2011

Hi, sorry to hear she has been ripped off. At worst i'd say around £300 incl. I wouldn't recommend anyone spending over that fixing a 19 year old boiler, when you can get an A rated condensing boiler fitted from £999.00. Hope the boiler working now and gives you trouble free use for another 19 years. Also agree with P.K.Plumbing, it is these rip off merchants that give plumbers their horrendous name. Fortunately they are the minority.


Answered 17th Mar 2011

like everyone else,sorry to hear this! And like they say ;these idiots are giving the genuine boys a terrible name.Firstly he should have advised your nan that the age of the boiler would probably tell you that it was only about 60% efficient and that her gas bills will become very high with the winters we are currently having.Should have explained that when these old boilers start to break down it normaly means that their coming to the end of their life span and would be better off replacing it with a high efficiency combination boiler.Two years down the line she may well have paid more in repairs than she would have buying a new boiler and having a warranty on it for the next 5 years!!! Hope all is good for her now and YES TAKE IT FURTHER.Is he GAS SAFE REGISTERED??? CONTACT THEM TO FIND OUT ,IF HE IS NOT THEY WILL TAKE IT FURTHER.HE IS BREAKING THR LAW,Good luck.


Answered 25th Mar 2011


Not good, it is people like that who give plumbers a bad name, agree with all comments. Not sure if anyone agrees but your not far from a new boiler at that price depending on KW. Does the boiler work ok now, was he sure the pcb had gone.


Answered 16th Mar 2011

mate the air pressure switch or pcb is very unlikely to cause over heating !


Answered 1st Apr 2011

Hello, its stories like this that we follow all the time! the bloke is nothing but a rip off merchant, through and through!
The diagnostic technique he is using is priceless! as RL Whitehouse has said how can the boiler overheating, then lead to a board change and also an air pressure switch!? ( the most i hava e payed for a switch is £49.76 and board £236.94 inc vat)
it was more liable to be a sensor or partialy blocked heat exchanger or pipe.

he has prob changed the sensor then fleeced the rest out of her.

my advice name him and shame him by whatever legal means possible!

John NPHS ltd


Answered 18th Apr 2011


Depending on the boiler and what happens, it's sounds like the overheat sencer or limescale in the heat exchanger. If its loss of hot water from a combi maybe the the diverter valve but now you will never know.



Answered 3rd Dec 2012

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