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I have been told both thermostats on my fortic combination unit with economy 7 need replacing. if so, would the heating element need replacing too? currently the water is very hot/

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In most immersion heater applications the thermostat is completely separate
from the heater itself. The thermostat is a pencil like shape with a larger plastic
box on one end to take the electrical bits. It has a moveable dial on top of the
plastic bit which allows you to adjust the temperature of the water in the tank.
There are two electrical connections within this plastic end with an earth
connection pin ( VERY IMPORTANT ) in the centre. The thermostat fits into a tube in the centre of the element. The electrical side is very simple for anyone
with a basic understanding of how it works. You can buy thermostats from any
electrical wholesaler or plumbers merchant for about a tenner. You do not have
to remove the element to fit them.

If your element is in fact dead make sure the plumber is careful taking the old
one out. Often the thread is rotten and any overdue strength trying to undo
the unit can cause the copper frame holding the element head to break away from the tank itself, which will mean a new tank and that aint cheap.

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Answered 2nd Dec 2011

photofinish contracts

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You say the water is very hot, this means one or both immersion heaters are working, then only one or both thermostats need replacing.
I hope this helps Dave

Answered 3rd Dec 2011


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have youtryed turning down the stats first
elements must b ok as you have hot water

Answered 2nd Dec 2011

apex plumbing

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no your element would not need changing as your water is still hot so its working fine.

Answered 2nd Dec 2011


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your water is getting very hot so the element is doing what its supposed to do. Its the job of the thermostat to regulate the temperature so I would say with the information given that you have been told correctly its a thermostat problem.

Answered 3rd Dec 2011

kevin cassidy building contractors

Member since 16 Dec 2010


Usually thermostats will be separate rod type units that slide into a dry pocket within the immersion element. Buying just the element on it's own could be tricky. Hopefully a heating engineer local to you has kept spare thermostats from previous jobs of changing elements.

It sounds a little unusual for two separate thermostats to develop the same fault at the same time. Who ever carries out the repair should keep an open mind.

I hope that helps

Daniel Hart

Answered 4th Dec 2011

Brown and Blue Ltd

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