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How do I install a aco drain

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Installing an Acco drain is quite a simple task, the type of Acco's you need are about 75mm deep and 125mm wide, firstly if its against the house, excavate down 300 mm from your damp course, lay a strong semi dry concrete 225mm below your damp course and roughly trowel to a flat level, if you have a down pipe where you are laying the Acco's cut the down pipe off 150mm below damp course,
There is a right and a wrong way to lay these, when you look at the ends you will see there are clips at one end that face down they must be laid at the starting end/point then the second one will slip down in to the first one,
The way we lay them is to clip them all together so they are tight then get somebody to give you a hand to lift them in together
Before laying mark out where the down pipe comes out of the ground and knock one on the preform holes out of the bottom sit this over the pipe,
Before cutting of the down pipe put a screw through one of the holding clips to stop the pipe slipping out of the gutter, if no down pipe available a soak away must be install, see next paragraph
If laying at the front of the garden lay the Acco's the same but you will need a soakaway, this a m2 square hole which the the pipe from the Accos is fed into and filled with gravel or install a aqua cell unit, if in a drive way stone must be used to fill the hole and compacted,
All soak aways must be 5 mt from any building
Sorry to go on but thats the way it is.
Regards Peter
Rowan Groundworks Ltd


Answered 5th Jul 2017

U have to dig front of driveway up 150mm to install acro drain then dig a meter by meter hole. Then u attach acro drain to 4inch pipe which the 4inch pipe runs to soak away


Answered 4th Jul 2017

You dig out front of driveway to a depth of 150mm, mix up a cement mix, lay the acro drain in the cement tap it down slightly. Dig a meter by a meter hole then attach acro drain to a 4inch pipe whichs runs to the soak away.


Answered 5th Jul 2017

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