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Bay window roof


I have a contractor who is doing some work in my house. One of the jobs is to replace the old tiles on the bay window roof (typical 1920's victorian house). I wanted it to be in black slate tiles - he has brought some tiles for the roof but I noticed they are all chipped in corners, some are cracked and have been previously used. I am not sure about the quality of it and am not an expert in roof tiles to be honest.

Is this a normal practice for a roofer to use old tiles when I asked for a new bay window roof to be done???

If it helps I can take some pics and post so you can have a better idea re the condition of it.

Thanks a lot for help!

In the contract I agreed that a NEW slate will be put down... to be honest I am not an expert but this slate looks to me far from being new...

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its really between you and your roofer,
but as you are asking for a new slate roof he should be using new slates

you should make clear what you require doing ,

what type of slate you require on the roof, welsh,spanish,chinese, brazilian,

you should not be putting cracked or damaged slate on a roof .

as slate is a natural material and easily damaged you should take care when transporting them but even with the best will in the world slates will crack and break these are generally weeded out at the tiling stage and are removed.

general allowance is 5% wastage on most new slate roofs
unless welsh in which case it is 2% but they are the most expensive

hope this is helpful

good luck alex


Answered 2nd Dec 2011

Is he charging you for new or second hand tiles, he shouldnt be fitting cracked tiles.
Best to tell him you want new tiles fitted.


Answered 2nd Dec 2011


New roof means 'New' tiles, felt and battern...

I feel there maybe a mis-understanding some where between you and your contractor.


Answered 2nd Dec 2011

the 2 top slates are not new you can see there aged


Answered 19th Dec 2011

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