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Ceramic electric hob is plugged in! is this safe?

Hi, we've moved into a house and there is an electric ceramic hob and electric oven. Both are plugged into a double socket and are on 3amp fused plugs. The socket it then wired to a cooker switch on the wall above the work tops. In our last house we had gas, and I'm wondering if things are wired up correctly? The hob has seen better days and I would like to replace it. Hobs for sale all say they should be hard wired so I'm confused. Any advice would really be appreciated. Thanks.

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Get a few electricians in to give you a quote, for instance, if you had a 6mm cable installed and the electrician applies diversity to your future appliances you can have up to 15kw on that with appropriate sized MCB, this is how the size of cable is determined, Table A4 of the regulations, length of is irrelevant in a domestic situations.


Answered 2nd Jul 2017

These should be hard wired from a dedicated circuit supplied by 6 or 10mm cable fed from a 40-50amp fuse in the consumer unit and connected via a cooker outlet plate. The cable size is usually determined by the length of the cable run though it is best to calculate the combined wattage of both appliances in case of the rare situation where the appliances are particularly powerful. Anthony


Answered 2nd Jul 2017

I am curious if the 3amp fuses blew?!! some modern ovens can happily operate off 13Amp plug whilst others have needed a 45 Amp circuit. It depends on oven/hob, what you want to future proof for and diversity calculation. Length will have an effect on resistance (Zs value) which will affect design current rating of the circuit.



Answered 2nd Jul 2017

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