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Soak away distance away from house and the correct size please and how many is needed

How far away should a Soak away be from the house when laying imprinted concrete,and where should drains be fitted when drive sloping towards house.

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Hi, a soak away should be a minimum of 5 metres away from your property and if your drive is sloping towards the house you need a minimum of a ACO drain against the house but depending on the length and steepness of your drive you may need two. A soak away normally needs to be 1 cubic metre in size but different councils require it calculated to the amount of water it will potentially receive so check your councils planning website. Hope this helps.


Answered 2nd Jul 2017

Hi Soak-a-way should be 5m from the house and should be based on 1 cubic metre for every 60 sq m of surface area that is draining into it. If the roof also drains into is then this should be included as part of the sq m


Answered 15th Aug 2017

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