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Fused wall switch inside a bathroom

I have had my bathroom refitted and the contractors have done a good job.
However a friend (not an electrician) has advised that the fused switch located beneath an electric towel rail warmer should not be inside the bathroom and I should get it moved outside the bathroom. Is this correct?

My bathroom is an ensuite and small. The towel rail is located directly opposite the shower - about 1m from the shower door. The sink is in a corner and about 50cm away. The switch is just below the bottom corner of the towel rail (on the side furthest away from the sink) and about 15cm up from the floor.

I would appreciate if anyone could advise whether this switch is ok to be inside the bathroom or whether it should be moved.
Thanks in advance for your help.

@Deacon Electric services: Underfloor heating was added. Originally the fused switch was in the hall way for the towel rail - the contractor used this switch to be able to turn on/off both the towel rail and the underfloor heating. The switch needs to be on all of the time as the heating can be controlled by a timer but this meant the towel rail was also on! the solution was to add a second fused switch next to the towel to turn it on/off.

How can I tell if the bathroom is RCD protected?

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Yes get it moved outside. Did they ensure everything electrical in the bathroom was RCD protected? You didn't say if they actually did any electrical work in your en suite?
Your edit.., you can find out if it is RCD protected off of the electrical certificate and the notification to building control provided for you via the part p electrician who did it?


Answered 2nd Jul 2017

You can have it in the bathroom. From what you have stated, the circuit is outside of the zone 2 of the shower and is permanently fixed. It should be on and RCD circuit as well.


Answered 2nd Jul 2017

It's best if it's outside of the bathroom but providing it has RCD protection and is well outside the zones I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.


Answered 2nd Jul 2017

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