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Can we use a sealing compound to stop weatherpoint 365 from coming out

We tried to relay and recycle some old block pavers on our driveway which our builder laid on a mortar base with 10-20mm gaps and brushed Marshalls Weatherpoint 365 to fix in place. Over the last 12 months the Weatherpoint 365 has started to come away e.g. in heavy rain or when a vehicle drives over it. Our builder can't recommend anything: neither can Marshalls! Is there anyway we can seal in the '365' to stop it eroding?

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This might solve your problem I have done it once before for body it's a pain staking job you can get no more nails silicon it's flexible and when the car drives over it there is a give and take in the bricks and when it rains it's waterproof because it is a Silicon so that should solve your problem hopefully it does a good job


Answered 1st Jul 2017

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