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Side trims of grp roof has come off


The side trims (EM-TRIM) of my GRP roof has not be stuck down. Due to the heat last couple of weeks it has starting warping.

How do I get this trim stuck down.

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slightly confused here, has the GRP system come adrift or the edge trim, if its he trim, which it sounds like, it obviously has not been secured correctly to the timber kerb/up-stand so as a diy project you could without incurring too much expense place a dab of suitable silicone , place the screw holder on that silicone and screw thru the membrane to secure the trim, then snap the cap on the amount of water ingress should be only minimal it at all. If its the GRP thats come adrift, which is unusual, you can purchase repair kits from larger credible roofing merchants or of course get the contractor back


Answered 30th Jun 2017

hi there if I'm reading this correctly it sounds like the trim hasn't been secured to the roof deck! the trim should have a batten behind it fixed with screws and then there should be trim adhesive run along this and then the trim will be put in place and make contact with the adhesive (this prevents it from rattling in high winds) and then secured in place with tacks and then the fibreglass matting laminated onto the trim. this way it cant become detached from the deck. hope this helps and get whoever did it back


Answered 4th Jul 2017

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