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My electricity supplier says i need to hire an electrician to change my electricity meter. is this true?

I want to change from two seperate meters (one nght and one day) to a two tier meter (white meter/economy 7). Scottish power have said I need to pay an electrician to rewire the meter before they will change it, which I will also have to pay a further £50 for. I am on the Comfort plus Control meter and want to change to a white meter but no other supplier will take on this meter type. Scottish Power have also said my electricity will have to be off between the wiring and meter change.

I recieved a letter from Scottish Powers which says I would need to have an electrician rewire the electricity supply through one circuit so I can have a straightforward meter exchange to a two rate meter. I would then need to contact them to change the meter, most likely leaving myself without heating or hot water for a few days.

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This does not sound right? The meter is the property of either the Distribution network Operator or the Electricity supplier (scottish power). As the meter is sealed, an electrician would need to break the seals and potentially work live to alter the cabling arrangement. Similarly unless he/she has knowledge of metering, then there is a risk that they will not make the necessary adjustments that SP required and it will drag out into a long saga during which time you have no heating.

I would suggest your best move is to call scottish power back and say that your are going to refer the matter to OFGEM as a complaint, unless they sort it out for you. This should get the ball rolling.


Answered 1st Dec 2011

I would imagine that you must have or did have two separate fuse boxes
One for day and one for night/economy 7
With two existing meters the night board will only become live during the evening via the economy 7 meter.
In order to switch to a single meter you will either need to have an electrician install a henley block to connect both fuse boxes to the new meter or replace both fuse boxes for one single fuse board.
Bare in mind that if you have storage heaters you will need to turn them off during the day as the new meter will power the economy 7 circuits all the time it will just give you the cheaper rate during the evening.
Contact a registered electrician and he will liase with the supplier if needed to remove the meter/fuse seals
You will still have electric while waiting for the new meter to be installed as it can all be temporarily wired through the existing day meter


Answered 3rd Oct 2013

Does Scottish Power mean that the meter tails need replaced? The meter is certainly their responsibility and only they should change it, but they will not take responsibility for the condition of the wiring running to the meter. I think you need to clarify what they mean.


Answered 5th Dec 2011

The meter is the energy suppliers responsibility as it's theirs. Your provider needs to send out one of their contractors to do the works.


Answered 19th May 2017

The are right - for a two seperare meter and depending on the type of fuse board you have at present an Electrician wil need to prepare cable to be long enough to go into the new meter.


Answered 12th Dec 2011

The meter is always renewed by the electrical distributor. Never by a sole tradesmen electrician.

Even renewing the meter tails to your current ccu on your supply side is a stretch as the electrician would need to break the seal on the meter to carry out works.


Answered 28th Oct 2016

This does not sound right it would be wise to get Scottish power to clarify their requirements
The meter(s) are the property of the supply authority and should not be interfered with by any old electrician
The existing tails should in theory be long enough to be connected into new meter but these may indeed require replacing by an electrician I would suggest that you get electrician to look at and provide quotation and advice, if required and attendance preferably on same day of meter change,


Answered 3rd Dec 2012

I wouldn't touch anything to do with the main supply, this belongs to the distributor.
THE TAILS GO INTO THE METER which have seals that would need to be broken and this could lead to an unlimited fine to either the electrician if he could be found or the householder and there are no maximum times either. I would get distributor to state in writing exactly what they are authorising you to have done, I wouldn't accept verbal advice from them.


Answered 23rd Jul 2013

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