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Damp ground under carport

I have a damp area of no more than 2ft square on the ground outside of my external house wall. This is covered in by a carport so is not generally open to the weather. This patch is there most of the time - even in the very recent hot days. when it does disappear it tends to re-appear after rain. Bricks nearby on the external house wall are white with salt deposits and are crumbling in places. The wall internally is dry. I have knocked out an area of concrete but can only find the gas pipe & the soil is dry. I was expecting to see rain water gathering after a very heavy rainfall but nothing. Any ideas before I attempt to take up the slabbing where the outside water pipe appears to run from the pavement into my carport?

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Hi Nell,

From the sounds of it, it appears that water is entering from a point either directly above this damp area or a surrounding point. Do you have any cracks that could possibly have water traveling through, in these cases if there is no direct visual from where the damp area is of any water or moistness then there will most definitely be around it. I think you need to trace around the damp area as this could be so much as a screw that is not flush and is allowing water to siphon into the spot where there is dampening. I hope I have given some sort of understanding, best of luck I know how annoying damp spots are when you don't know where its from.


Answered 7th Jul 2017

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