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A single floor rear extension with slope roof

We want to build a a single floor rear extension with slope roof, in depth of 4-5 meter, do I must have the architectural drawings and structural drawings? Or, can experienced builders just complete the work based on some simple hand drawings with dimensions?

After consultation with some architect, she said that, in our case, with the higher end c.a.3.2-3.4 meter, and the lower end c.a. 2.2 meter, the longest depth, we can get is about 4 meter, with the slope angle at least 15 degree. Otherwise, we need a bit of flat roof before the slope roof. I wonder that, why a part of flat roof is ok, but smaller angle than 15 degree is not?

And what problems can be with a bit flat roof?
Many thanks for your answers!

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if your floor area is over 10sqm and is a tiled roof then you need planning.15degree pitch min for tiles.flat roofs tend to leak if not done properly with correct material s be careful.


Answered 12th Jan 2018

you need at least a regs drawing and a plan to hand to council for planning, as for roof, roof tiles can only be laid on a min of 15 degrees slope so any smaller will have to be a "flat roof"


Answered 28th Jun 2017

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