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My new windows have condensation on them in the morning- about 1cm to 1 inch deep, should this be happening? thanks.

Thanks all for your replies - don't have trickle vents, how easy is it for them to be put in if Windows already in? Thanks

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Many new installations get condensation across the bottom of the units and probably more so in the bedrooms , condensation is caused by the water in the air becoming to great for the air to carry and is deposited on the coldest part of the structure eg the glass it used to be quite obvious on old single glazed units , the only way of stopping this happening is to install air conditioning which continually circulates the air to prevent it becoming overloaded with moisture , to solve your problem tou have to either open the trickle vents if installed or open the window on the night vent facility on the window , please note in old draughty houses where we used to get draughts round windows and doors and have coal fires this created its own air conditioning as new air came in to replace the existing saturated air , we now try to prevent all draughts which is why the problem still occurs
Mark Potter HNC
Double M Glazing


Answered 1st Dec 2011

1. Do you have trickle vents at the top of the windows. If you don't then this may be required as you need to have air flow due to new uPVC windows being sealed so well.
2. If you do have trickle vents then you need to look at putting the windows in the second locking position to increase ventilation or increase ventilation elsewhere.

Regards Mike & Trevor


Answered 5th Dec 2011

monster 39 is the condensation between the two pieces of glass if this is the case then your sealed unit has broken down and needs replacing,If this is not the case then there is a simple fix all you need is a set of trickle vents put in either the head of the frame or in the sash this allows a small amount of air flow thus preventing condensation build up

Monster 39 trickle vents are very simple to fit


Answered 5th Dec 2011

Condensation occurs when a surface is cold, your windows are cold and therefore the water vapour in the air condenses onto them. Make sure the vents are open on your windows and that the room is adequately insulated.Try to avoid drying clothes on radiators and anything else which may circulate moisture into the air. However there will always be moisture in the air nd condensation may occur no matter how well insulated or efficient your double glazing is, you could try a dehumidifier if the problem persists. Hope this helps.


Answered 1st Dec 2011

Have you got trickle vents fitted, and are they open.
Lack of ventilation.


Answered 1st Dec 2011

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