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I had a grp roof fited over 2 and a half years ago with 2 coxdome skylights, builder covered roof in anti slip granules after topcoating. The roof is now leaking seems to be near one edge of one of the skylights. I have used cromapol to paint the area once, but doesnt seem to have worked. There is quite a bit of bouncy movement on one side of the roof, when you step on it. Please advise, or would it be better to get a new roof laid. been quoted for laying felt on top of existing roof. Thanks really stressful

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I would not advise putting a torch on felt on top of an existing grp roof would rather get advise from a expert grp fitter to look at it or take lot up specially if movement in boards could need replacing to


Answered 27th Jun 2017

I agree with PK Roofing Regards Torch on Felt but would like to add a couple of points.
if the problem is next to the skylight it is likely to be the detail and the compatibility of the grp with the plastic or UPVC , different coating is required for different substrates.
You need to take a core sample from the affected area with a hole cutter to inspect properley.


Answered 28th Jun 2017

in essence totally agree, boards are probably spongy due to water ingress, as opposed to springy . most likely a waste of time getting original rfg contractor back sounds like a chancer making schoolboy errors. Best cut your losses rip it up and renew and this time use a registered credible rfg contractor if possible one that is recommended, dont pay in cash and to be honest one that specialises in one type of roofing as opposed to all types, as they think they do but they dont, horses for courses, rule of thumb, if you want someone to fix say a Bosch washing machine then get an engineer that specialises in Bosch, not one that professes to be able to "fix em all". Sorry about long winded reply, comes with being a felt roofer for 48 years


Answered 30th Jun 2017

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