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Driveway/garage close to a bus stop in conservation area

If anyone can give me some advice please since I am a bit lost and overwhelmed.
My house on a main road and it's in conservation area, it has a big empty space
that I am planning to build a driveway and later on maybe a garage if possible.

Thanks for the reply Peter, hopefully you can see the picture here:
The actual bus stop itself is probably around 20 meters but the end of the bus stop path thing is around 10 meters away from the planned driveway. You should be able to see the front garden fence thing as well.
The situations are per below:

- There's a bus stop 2 houses away (about 10-15 meters away)
- I understand that I need the council to do the dropped kerb.
- I made an enquiry to the council, they said planning permission is required for the driveway
- Builder is obviously required to do the work
and there's a knee high brick garden fence that needs to be removed for the driveway
is this an issue for a house in conservation area?

But my main question is, where do I start? I mean who should I get involved in order?
Who usually filling in the planning permission? I downloaded the document and I am already a bit lost.

Also, according to a builder (he came over for other stuff,
in his opinions it's unlikely the council will approve the planning permission because of the close proximity to the bus stop)
Many thanks :)

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Hello Rey
Its a bit confusing just reading your letter, is the Bus stop 10 meters away or 15 as 5 meters is a big difference,
Never seen a Knee high brick fence before would love a picture
Firstly ring up your highways department and ask for a meeting with a highways inspector to visit you before you do any thing else and he will give you a fair indication if applying to put in a Vehicle Cross Over (VXO),
As regards to the brick fence, this would come under your local or district council,so contact the planning department and ask for a meeting with one of there planners,
Hope this helps to get a start
Regards Peter,
Rowan Roundwodworks Ltd


Answered 5th Jul 2017

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