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Flickering bathroom light and extractor fan

Our bathroom light flickers and yesterday it started to flash on and off and I could hear the extractor fan stopping and starting as it flashed on and off. The fan automatically turns on and off when you pull the light switch. Any ideas what is wrong? Is it something i can fix myself or is it a big job? And how much it might cost to get it fixed?
Thank you in advance for your advice.

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This is a loose connection somewhere, most likely at either the pull switch or the light fitting. Definately an easy fix for a professional electrician. Approx half hour job. Cost will vary depending whereabouts in the country you are, but as a guide £30 should cover it.


Answered 1st Dec 2011

Yes this should be a job for a professional. It is an easy job for them to do as they will have the experience and the tools. A risky thing for you to do without though.


Answered 5th Dec 2011

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