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Chimney removal

Had my chimney removed on a early 1900 property and they have slated back over it but some of the tiles are raised and I can get my fingers under them. I am concerned that if the wind is in the right direction they will snap and also if you tap them gently they rattle, again if the wind is in the right direction they be annoying.
Am I being over fussy or is this a problem I need to get the builder to address before I pay ?

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You are not being fussy this is not a mere cosmetic issue, it sounds like the roofing battens fitted over the chimney are not laying flat - maybe some of the chimney is protruding above the rafters still, or maybe they haven't selected the exact same slates /tiles to match the roof. Either way they are at risk of coming of in a high wind.
Lastly you will need to address the issue of the chimney chambers now being unvented and terminating in your loft which could cause condensation/ damp issues. Withhold payment until sorted.


Answered 22nd Jun 2017

No your not being fussy at all its your house and you have every right to raise concerns that you have with your builder. Slate needs to be laid flat , sort of in the name isn't it also slates need to be graded to each other ie you can't lay a thick slate next to a thin slate because the slate that covers the 2 slates underneath will have a gap in it therefore allowing moisture in and in freezing conditions allow ice to build up in that gap expand and break the slate also there shouldn't really be any vibration in the slate a tiny bit of movement mabey but not vibration my guess is one of 2 things 1) slate has hairline crack in it 2) the gap after the chimney removal is to wide and that the battern spanning that void I's flexing whilst trying to nail the slate in place leaving the nail slightly proud of the slate which could punch through the slate above , copper nails should also be used for fixing slate and the slate nail hole should be countersunk allowing the nail to lay flush to the slate I also think the chimney may not have been taken down enough and possibly you may have a small bit of carpentery to do to add a rafter to take up the void after the chimney removal best regards A Ford roofing specialist
Ps if chimney is left open in the loft it could cause you problems with moisture and dampness so I'd ask him what his solution to this is hope this helps


Answered 22nd Jun 2017

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