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Tarmac for patio

Hi all
Currently have stone flags in my yard, roughly 18 x 18 ft so not a big area, i want something very low maintenance that's easy to keep clean as i have 2 dogs. Would Tarmac be an option?, i know this is usually for driveways but like the simplicity of it. What's your advice please?
Thank you

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Hi, Although not a common choice for back yards and with recent weather tarmac can become hot and sticky too - however, depending on the circumstances (and personal choice) tarmac could be an option, there are permeable options too (allows the water to drain through it on your land which may be a requirement and help drainage).
There are many many choices to consider including artificial turf, impressed concrete and many modern resin materials or even smooth pointed slabs, might be worth a trip to a local merchant, garden centre or similar to just ask a few opinions, take a photo with you (a picture speaks a thousand words as they rightly say) I am confident they will help and show you samples, or perhaps use "MyBuilder" to get no obligation free quotes and ideas from tradesmen? Also have a look on google at images its always a good place to get ideas. Best of luck with your project.


Answered 23rd Jun 2017

Hi there I would always recommend on having a resin bound patio rather than tarmac for many reason mainly it can be 50% cheaper also it's practically 0% maintenance no chance of weeds ever growing threw also the colour does not fade like tarmac also it naturally drains water smooth finish super hard wearing I would strongly look into it if I was in your shoes also much eco freindly with a massive variety of colours and designs hope this was any help to you.


Answered 7th Aug 2017

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