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Will my trickle vent alterations comply with building regulations?

Hello, sorry to keep repeating this question but I'm hoping someone can give me a definitive answer. Following the recent installation of new double glazing into my flat (a project instigated by our Right To Manage company on behalf of our entire estate) I realised that the trickle vents to my two new bedroom windows are blocked on the internal side as the 'plaster line' is too low because the pre made frames didn't fit our window openings properly. The window co. have since filled the external aperture with silicon (to prevent the ingress of cold air which had been causing a problem) and then put the vent covers back over the filled holes for appearance sake.They have also since 'offered' to put replacement trickle vents into the sashes. My question is this...Is it acceptable for the window co. to block the original external trickle vent holes with silicon (we are not sure how much they put in) and then to install new trickle vents into the sashes? WOULD THIS PRACTICE PASS BUILDING REGULATIONS? I am worried that a future buyers surveyor may raise concerns about the redundant trickle vents now filled with silicon, even if the window company puts 'new' ones into the sashes? Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

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The need is for ventilation so if the first vents don't work then you need the second or another ventilation system.

This is fine, though a tad daft of the window company for getting the vents wrong in the first place.

A surveyor should be able to work out what is going on with no problem. You could always get the window company to write what is done and keep that with you house info so that a new buyer understands what's going on.


Answered 21st Jun 2017

if the window had no trickle vents then no need but if the window had trickle vents then it should be the exact same

But on all new builds they include trickle vents the company should have put a knock on on the head to bring it lower instead of sealing over it really you should be demanding for them to come back out and do the job properly.


Answered 21st Jun 2017

I agree with SECURI-DOOR(UK) LIMITED, your window company got the size wrong and SHOULD replace the whole window with add-on on the top to lower the vent away from the plaster as its on the frame. If there was a problem with a vent on a opener, then you would just need the sash to be replaced but just adding another vent because they balled up the size is poor practise.


Answered 7th Sep 2017

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