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Back pointing needs replacing?


I've recently had a survey done on my house (about 80 years old) and was told that some of the back pointing needs replacing but that "nobody does back pointing anymore" and the the whole roof needs taking up, then having a layer of felt put down and the tiles put back. The cost for this is £6-8k.

Is this really necessary? We have no issues with the roof, no leaks or anything and as far as we can see from the outside it looks in good condition. There is a bit of debris in the loft where the insulation has fallen away (different issue also to be fixed). Is this the sign of failing backpointing?

Given that we have no current issues with the roof are we able just to clean up the debris and put the insulation back in place and be happy?

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If you currently have no issues with the current roof then a full roof is not necessary. I recommend you get a second quotation in order to inspect and clarify further.


Answered 20th Jun 2017

Basically if their is no issue with your roof leave well along,the torching your taking about needs to be done with lime mortar to work efficiently,the only real issue you have is if you lose or get a cracked tile it will allow water ingress into the property.


Answered 20th Jun 2017

agreed , your getting conned, any credible roof tiler will repoint etc


Answered 30th Jun 2017

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