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Ridge tiles laid with gaps

I have just had a new roof and the ridge tiles along top of roof have been left with gaps on the part that is upright. I pointed it out to the roofer and he said that is the correct way. I feel it looks odd as the other houses are all pointed. If they should be pointed and I ask him to do it will it stick as the cement under the tiles will now be dry I am concerned the cement will not stick now the other has dried and in a short time will drop out of the upright ridge part

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There should be no gaps a good bed of cement should have been put in and ridges should have no gaps if dry ridge they should be tight together with unions.


Answered 18th Jun 2017

All ridge unions should be pointed at time of bedding unless of course you use a dry system. as long as the mix as pva in it and is more than 1" deep should be fine.


Answered 15th Jun 2017

There shouldn't be gaps along the ridge tiles make sure that the cement is carried down along each side of the ridge tile and make sure there is no gaps


Answered 17th Jun 2017

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