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New spray foam roof insulation hard sell scam? havent found anything anything like this on google.

My Mother in Law has just had experience of a new spray foam insulation hard sell tactic.
And she has ALREADY had her loft insulation done under the government scheme. NOTE THIS FACT IS IMPORTANT.
She has received three cold calls over the last week and they seem to know that she has already had insulation fitted.
The spiel is that the insulation installed under the government scheme is NOT up to specification, and under new European legislation their spray foam insulation is going to become LAW for all houses by 2020.
Now here is the hook- they then tell the householder that at the moment the government will apparently pay a PERCENTAGE of the cost- but only until the end of this year- so if she doesn't have it done now she will HAVE to pay for it in FULL at a later date (sounds like B******s to me).
Thankfully my mother in law is quite switched on and being in her mid seventies replied 'I might not even be here by then' and put the phone down on them.
But they keep phoning back!
Haven't found anything on Google like this so thought I'd ask about it here to see if any of you professionals have come across it, and hopefully warn others.

EDIT- Thanks Michael- MOB Waterproofing- Your 'rant' was very helpful, confirmed what I thought I knew, and will put my mother in law at ease knowing she did the right thing refusing to entertain the company involved.

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In my opinion based on my experience and knowledge :

Its all politics well pardon my French Boloctics ??
Firstly it's all about energy saving well not wasting energy and how rules and legislation changes in certain areas or countries .
If your mother in law owns that property or will do and it is not owned by housing association or council ? She does not have to do anything .!!!!
That is a fact.
As a country and as part of the EU we ranked highest for wasting energy a few years back that instigated the government initiative to bring themselves up to scratch, or be fined that fine was huge .
Insulation is monitored or referred to as U- value basically that will let the likes of me know how thick and what type of insulation is needed to conform to whatever new Regulation. Remember it's the government that should conform, for example on a housing estate or certain areas where people have bought a home that was council, they didn't get free loft insulation or wall insulation unless they qualified as they OAP or unemployed or working families it goes on and on.
NOW Spray insulation as far as I am aware has no U value as it is spray and the thickness would be varied and it cannot be measured until after installation. Hence why roll and boards are defined by Mm and when installed it will be even .
Spray foam biggest benefit is for old slated or tiled roofs that where installed without felt and battern and installed with latts !!
The foam would for aperitif of time secure the tile/ slate from falling as the spray is part adhesive.
ANYWAY , he is talking a load of ?!@&
She already conforms when she didn't have to but she obviously qualified for the EU regs and if he suggested the year 2020 he is taking the piss regarding vision I think , I'm sure the word brexit would ring a bell we won't be in EU by then.
Hope my rant helps
Thanks Michael


Answered 20th Jun 2017

In short its crap don't do it under any circumstances I've stripped a few of these projects and there horrendous to remove also it can hide leaks and cause untold damage where you can have a leak in the roof and not really be aware of it because the foam has hidden it cheaper in the long run just to have a new roof hope this helps


Answered 22nd Jun 2017

agreed, its rubbish, its a con and it has no"U" value what so ever and guess what, its 100!% flamable


Answered 30th Jun 2017

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