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What size of timber do i need for my double garage pitched roof?

I am building a roof for my double garage (5.5m wide by 5.5m long), the roof will have OSB boards, felt and shingles (not tiles). The roof slope will be roughly 18 degrees.

I live in Scotland where we do get snow once a year and it rains quite often along with some strong winds.

What would the ideal spacing between rafters be (e.g. 400mm, 600mm etc) and what size of rafters/wood would i need (e.g. 4x2, 6x2 etc)?

I am also thinking about having raised tie trusses. Would this have any impact on spacing and sizes?

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Roofer

To be honest, go for roof trusses, 600mm centres, no need for building spec,
sizes, already worked out by suppler, for roof trusses, and no problem for building control, and quicker to install.

Many thanks.



Answered 12th Jun 2017

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