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Can you move a gas payment meter also can you move a back boiler/fire combi

we would like to know if you can have a gas payment meter moved for the floor to a higher more accessible place. and can you do the same with a back boiler/fire combo
thank for any help

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only your gas provider can move the meter.a gas safe plumber can move the boiler


Answered 1st Dec 2011

Hi Your back boiler uses the chimney as the means of flue products removal so you can't move it! You need to scrap it,and put a condensing boiler replacement in. use the fire place for a nice gas fire or solid fuel etc. gas engineer will advise you! meter can only be moved,as answered by Eaton by your gas ESP (Emergency service provider) there are companies licensed to do this work,just gotta check the net.


Answered 16th Jan 2012

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