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How much will it cost to make a base for a shed/summerhouse 8m by 4m?

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8m x 4m
In my area, 1midi skip for digout £165
Mot type 1 £35
Wacker hire £45
Membrane £15
2 sheets steel mesh @ £25 ea optional
Shuttering £15
Concrete £320 if using ready mix,bit cheaper if self mixing but harder work.
2 men one day £300
£945 plus vat

If you do mix by hand I can assure you will need a lot more than 6 bags cement, as has been suggested, plus the other quantities, ie you need 3.2 cubic metres of concrete, maybe why their price is cheaper.


Answered 15th Mar 2011

me supplie matereils and laber about 300 with matereils and ude need 3 tone type one 1 ton qurter two dust 6 bags off cement water profer ..and a membrain under the concreet


Answered 14th Mar 2011

this shouldnt cost anymore than £1000.
including materials and selfmixing.
it should take roughly a day to complete for two tradesmen.
make sure you get a few quotes.
hope this helps.


Answered 20th Mar 2011

there is multiple ways of doing it. dig out by hand or by machine, concrete ready mix or hand mix or simple slabbing it. there is the cheap way or the expensive way so bottom line is your budget. for a shed/summerhouse I would just slab it but for a base that big I would concrete it. the bottom line is you get what you pay for these days as you can see from the replies but my price would be £1184.00 all in, concrete or slabbed.


Answered 27th Mar 2011

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