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Stud frame supporting wall

iam looking to have the original door in my livingroom extended into internal french doors, does this require a building warrant? the wall is a timer stud frame supporting wall

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No you will not need planning or building control approval for such a small internal change. I would advise getting a good builder to do the works and double check if the wall which is being altered is not a load bearing wall.


Answered 5th Jun 2017

If you wish to build a new internal wall, remove an internal wall, or form an opening in an internal wall, building regulations will normally apply.


Answered 6th Jun 2017


If it is timber stud and not structural, which sounds likely then you probably do not Building Regulation approval. However if you want to contact me and send details of your property I can give you more accurate advice. (fire regulations and other factors might apply).



Answered 24th Jun 2017

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