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A trainee electrician looking for work experience in flintshire.

My name is Micheal Purschke and I live in Flintshire, Northwales and I am currently trying to find work experience in the field of electrical. I am currently studying an Electrical Insulation Course at Deeside College and excelling at this. I also have good GCSE's. I am a hard worker and don't shy from a challenge. I am struggling to find work experience so have come here for some help. If anyone is wanting an additional pair of helping hands or is just wanting to help me out, I will be very grateful. Many thanks. Micheal Purschke.

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Good luck with your search! You will find something soon. Keep up the hard work. Aaron


Answered 12th Dec 2011

Keep your head up Mike! I was in the same situation when I started. Make yourself 3 contact lists
1 local electricians
2 larger electrical firms in your area (ie George S Halls in stoke)
3 construction employment agencies in your region

Keep these list through out the years always adding your contacts.

Get yourself a JIB/ECS card graded as a "electrical labourer." This will get you on construction sites. This is important !

Job search should include "cable puller" "electrical Labour" "apprentice electrician" Electrician mate jobs might require more experience, and you may disappoint employers.

I started off as a general labourer with a renovation company during my first year of school and it got me some site experience to put on my CV

Good luck! mike mc


Answered 5th Jan 2012

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