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Felt flat roof repair

Our current flat roof has a tiny leak, I am going to coat with bitumen paint but was wondering : -

The roof currently has gravel chippings on top but these are all loose, I was under the impression they should have had a bitumen adhesive layer below them to keep them in place.

If I remove these completely to paint the bitumen coating can I leave them off providing I coat the bitumen first layer with a protective/reflective UV paint layer to stop the bitumen from cracking from the sun?

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hi I did a family roof 2 years ago I just used bitumen paint to sort any leaks out all I did was sweep off any debris then painted. I would have preferred to use the thick bitumen you have to trowel on as it will last longer. but to sort it out properly fibre glass the roof might cost a bit but will last longer 30+ years


Answered 5th Jun 2017

Hi Without in addition to the other 2 Answers I would add :

As a Flat roofing Specialist :
The Limestone Chippings should have been installed with gritting solution if they brush away it hasnt been used.
DO NOT attempt to scrape them away as it will damge the system.
If you do so you must install a waterproof layer either felt or a quality Liquid.
The chippings are to Protect against the SUN or UV that is there purpose, the felt is to protect aginst water.
Your Roof MUST be protected from All Weathers not Just Rain,
Siver paint , Mineral Felt , Chippings are your options its the flat roofs sun cream !!
Hope that helps


Answered 8th Jun 2017

I agree with all the awnswers the other roofers have just like add one thing and that's don't do the repair on a hot day ! You'll get covered scrape any thing away in a colder invioroment like the morning time hope this is useful


Answered 22nd Jun 2017

Hi flat roofs do not always have gravel on them, they act to preserve the life of the roof as well as stopping pools of water sitting in areas, you can sweep them all off as long as all your joins corners edges and any cracks are well coated.

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Answered 2nd Jun 2017

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