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Looking to change plans after planning permisson is approved

i have sent off to planning a large extension which consists of a two story extension covering the lengh of the house , with also a 1 story annex connected to the side of the two story extension, we now may not build the 1 story annex. my question is. If we do not build the annex part of the plans would we need to re apply for planning permission if we kept the two story extension part of the plans exactly to the size of the plans accepted for that part of the build? or would we need to contact them for minor amendments? or worst case completely re apply am hoping its the first option of not having to do anything.

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Dear poster,
The council do not require planning permission again if you choose not to build the particular part of the approved application. You will be ok if you decide to just go for the double story if all passes.

Just make sure you fill out the right description when you submit to building control as they charge on the size of the project so if you are not doing the ground floor annex then the building control fees will be cheaper for you by building only the double.

I hope this helps....


Answered 5th Jun 2017

Your best bet is contacting the council and posing the question. At a guess I'd say it'd be classed as a minor amendment as it's a reduction in size of the structure.


Answered 31st May 2017

To do this officially would require a material adjustment on your application if passed (free to submit within 1st year-not essential). If its still within the council's workings and you're yet to get a response then update them with an email and revised drawings as this could help especially if the side extension is visible from the principal elevation.

However, building less isn't frowned upon from a planning perspective should you be granted approval on your current application. As long as the building facade now being exposed is being built in the correct manner ie with a cavity then meeting regs won't be an issue. Consequently, you might pay less for regs should your squared meterage drop you down a threshold.

Hope this helps,
Best of luck.


Answered 19th Sep 2017

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